Eli Shlama offers you the opportunity to transform your life by transforming other people’s lives at the same time.

Eli Shlama combines top-quality language training and intercultural leadership coaching services to help increase the much needed intercultural fluency and competence of individuals and businesses. What is more, your global intercultural fluency becomes more tangible by giving hope to those most in need, including refugees, the displaced and less privileged.

By choosing Eli Shlama, you are choosing for our signature social impact programme “#AuthenticArtisansofYourOwnDestiny”. You will be helping hidden and forgotten victims of war, and people who have been displaced and persecuted, to rebuild their lives, to educate their young people, women and members of endangered cultural minorities.

How do we do that? Simple: 75% of our profit is invested in the causes we care most about and where our impact is most tangible.

By helping yourself you will be helping them out of dependency. Both of you will become authentic artisans of your own destiny.

Discover how to contribute

Eli Shlama helps you to connect with people in need by tailoring projects geared towards the specific needs of individuals and communities.

Below are three concrete projects you can get involved with:

Scholarship without frontiers: adopt displaced students and disadvantaged young people to pay for higher education. They need your support to flourish through our programme #Tuition4Hope.

Help a family: families from minority or war-torn communities need help to escape from the clutches of dependency. Your support can help them start a small business or overcome the challenges currently faced by existing enterprises.

Cover the fees of a female coachee: Our course encourages young women to achieve excellence by helping them to become proactive Artisans of Their Own Destiny.

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Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

CAF has a process enabling donors to pay non-charities for a charitable purpose, which involves them filling in its grant forms. To donate via CAF, the donor needs to approach the CAF with a request to pay the social enterprise in question, in this case Eli Shlama Ltd.