With Eli Shlama you will encounter a unique space with an extraordinary blend of complementary services all specifically designed for you in mind.

Eli Shlama’s services are holistic by nature. We are not satisfied with a generalised diagnosis but do take time to understand you, your motivations and the root causes of any issues you have to deal with.

Not only do we boost your self-confidence, but we also offer great ideas that open doorways to achieve your personal and professional goals and increase your self-awareness. We will help you discover the better but realistic version of you, i.e., discover in yourself the hidden artisan of your own destiny.

Incomparable Because Different

You’ve come to Eli Shlama because you can trust we totally get it that people like you do not only have little time and many responsibilities but are also expected to be #interculturalleaders and #rolemodels in an increasingly diverse society

Intercultural well-being is no longer an option but a prerequisite in increasingly cultural diverse societies.

Located in the UK, we work with European and English speaking countries all over the world to deliver the most authentic and profound learning experience imaginable.

Fast-track your life and move forward with confidence by taking advantage of our Arabic language training, academic mentoring or life coaching services.

Our flexible services can be customised to suit your budget, lifestyle and commitments. Contact us today to discuss a suitable schedule and lesson plan.

Eli Shlama is here to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your personal, educational, professional and intercultural goals.

You may be surprised to see how much you can achieve in such a short space of time with Eli Shlama.